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How to Read a French Wine Label

Source: Bonjour Paris Bill Shepard, author

An Introduction to French Wines

Source: Martha Stewart Living

Basic Wine Map of France

Source: Buyers & Cellars Wine Consultants Aspen, Colorado USA








Fund Investing in Wine Favours Burgundies over Bordeaux

  Tsveta Zikolova   iNVEZZ   22 Mar 2013

The Bitter Battle Over Sweet Wine

  Eric Pfanner   New York Times   17 Feb 2012

A feud in in the Loire over a classification system for sweet wines turns personal.

Wine Rating Standards: Against Dumbing Down

  Vedat Milor   Gastromondiale   January 2010

Unfortunately the wine ranking systems which are widely in use don’t reflect the inherent qualities of the wine in question. This is the case for both the 100 point US system and the 20 point system.

Latour to expand organic project

  Jane Anson   Decanter   20 Aug 2009

Bordeaux first growth Château Latour will step up its organic project in 2010.

Classified Matters

  Edward Lewine   New York Times   17 Aug 2008

How a battle over the ranking of St. Émilion chateaus may change the way we value wine.

Psst! A Great, Unknown French Wine

  Robert Parker   Business Week   3 Apr 2008

Defining Moment: The Judgment of Paris, 1976

  Harry Eyres   Financial Times (UK)   16 Feb 2008

White Noise

  Florence Fabricant   New York Times   9 Dec 2007

“Do you have any white wines by the glass?” I asked, and ordered a Château Trians, a Coteaux Varois, from the region. Christine Salsedo seemed somewhat surprised. “Most of the time people drink red with cheese,” she said. “We’re French, so we definitely prefer red.”

France's Best Kept Secret: The Côte Roannaise and its Wines

  Nigel Buxton   10 Oct 2007

Fine French wine labels may lie

  Henry Samuel   9 Sep 2007

Up to a third of wines sold under France's regional appellation system might be from an entirely different region, according to a French consumers' group.

Tasting France on the cheap

  W. Blake Gray   San Francisco Chronicle   17 Aug 2007

What does it take to make French Bargain Wines popular again in supermarkets: Animated rats? Or a young American mother who doesn't speak French?

French Winemakers Welcome Warmer Summers

  Joe Palca   National Public Radio   6 Aug 2007

A Tide of Wine May Drive European Growers From a Way of Life

  Stephen Castle   New York Times   4 Aug 2007

Hollywood goes nose to nose over French wine's darkest moment

  Kim Willsher   The Guardian (UK)   1 Aug 2007

Rival films to tell tale of 1976 tasting when classics were humbled by the New World.

France's earliest winery found

  Chris Mercer   2 Jul 2007

Roman ruins found in southern France have been declared remnants of the country's earliest known winery.

Bordeaux begins to lose 'stuffy' image

  Panos Kakaviatos   17 May 2007

French Winemaker Blends Varietals, Vintages and Regions

  Stacy Slinkard   About: Wine   17 May 2007

Wine snobbery

  John Talbott   Bonjour Paris   25 Apr 2007

Top French producers gun for screwcap

  Natasha Hughes   20 Mar 2007

Wine lovers ill-served by Michelin, Decanter says

  Adam Lechmere   6 Mar 2007

The Michelin Guide may be world-renowned for its knowledge of fine dining but it does very little for wine lovers, Decanter magazine says.

France revamps wine labels to rival New World

      Reuters   29 Jan 2007

National designation aims to lift slumping industry, but traditionalists balk

France to launch national wine brand

  Chris Mercer   Beverage Daily   22 Jan 2007

France is to launch a national wine brand later this year in its latest attempt to drain bulging cellars and take on rivals in foreign markets.

France produces Breton wine

  Oliver Styles   2 Jan 2007

Better known for its cider and sailors, the region of Brittany can now lay claim to having its own wine following a legal tussle with the French authorities.

Wine on French school curriculum

  Sophie Montagne   7 Dec 2006

Wine appreciation classes are to be added to the French primary school curriculum in a bid to revive the ailing French wine market.

French minister ducks issue of wood chips in wine

  Sophie Kevany   29 Nov 2006

Prince Charles designs Mouton label

  Jane Anson   28 Nov 2006

Prince Charles is joining the greatest artists of the 20th century as he becomes the latest painter to feature on Chateau Mouton-Rothschild's label.

Health warnings for pregnant women to appear on French bottles

  Oliver Styles   5 Oct 2006

Paris Tasting 'discredited': rival

  Libby Banks   21 Sep 2006

In a bid to rival the Judgement of Paris tastings, a group of wine tasters called the Grand Jury Européen is to hold a tasting of Napa Valley and Bordeaux wines next week. François Mauss, founder of the GJE, said he was 'not satisfied' by the celebratory 30th anniversary tasting that took place in May this year.

St-Emilion classification: the bloodletting begins

  Stephen Brook   21 Sep 2006

When a 'country wine' outperforms the big guns

  Edward Deitch   MSNBC   4 Aug 2006

Domaine Miguel’s vin de pays is a classic southern French syrah.

New southwest France wine category

  James Lawther   27 Jul 2006

A new country wine category for the south west of France, Vin de Pays de l'Atlantique, will make its debut with the 2006 vintage.  (Vin de Pays de l'Atlantique will cover the départements of the Charente, Charente Maritime, Dordogne, Gironde and certain communes in the Lot et Garonne.)  

The Judgment of Paris

  Mike Steinberger   24 May 2006

What the French didn't learn from the legendary wine tasting.

French vinters get OK to use wood shavings

  Associated Press   MSNBC   29 Mar 2006

Wine and cheese incompatible, says research

  Oliver Styles   19 Jan 2006

What Wine with Your Foie Gras?

  David Kiley   Business Week   23 Dec 2005

Lifting the lid on a revolution

  Rita Erlich   The Age (AU)   6 Dec 2005

"Michel Laroche's battle for the screwcap takes on the weight of French tradition."

Cognac loses historic winemaking right

  Jane Anson   2 Dec 2005

France proposes health warnings on wine

  Oliver Styles   1 Dec 2005

Blanc lambasts 'ignorant' critics of France

  Guy Woodward   21 Oct 2005

"French Chef Raymond Blanc has launched an impassioned defence of French wine and accused its detractors of being 'ignorant' and 'unfair'.  The Chef patron of the two-Michelin-starred Oxfordshire restaurant and hotel Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons is 'fed up' of the 'unfair attacks' on his native country and is taking it upon himself to be an ambassador for the
French wine industry."

Kosher wine intrigues French amateurs

  Shirli Sitbon   European Jewish Press   17 Oct 2005

A cover story on kosher wine in one of the most prominent French wine magazines is being seen as a sign of increasing interest and support for kosher wine in France.

Rosé has rosy future in France

  Panos Kakaviatos   20 Jul 2005

Appellations are 'meaningless'

  Jane Anson   26 Apr 2005

coverFrom Publishers Weekly
This comprehensive wine atlas leaves no centimeter of terroir unexplored. After a thorough introduction to France, French winemaking and the concept of terroir, Jefford (Wine Tastes Wine Styles) gets to the heart of the matter with lengthy chapters on each of France's 14 regions. Each of these consists of an overview of the region and its history, profiles of the area's major winemakers, a description of the land and listings and descriptions of the local wineries. Some of the latter are lengthy, while others are brief, but all include an address and phone number, making this book useful as a guidebook as well. Jefford is refreshingly opinionated: the Loire Valley is in the throes of a "long and refined stone age," while Zind-Humbrecht in Alsace is the domain "most emblematic of the New France as a whole." The effort here is encyclopedic, but the writing rises above the usual dry discussion, comparing the quest to understand Burgundy to doing crossword puzzles. Even the most matter-of-fact information is presented with a certain flair: in a description of the Rhône Valley, Jefford explains that the area's mistral wind is both destructive and useful, in that it blows away "fugs and fungal diseases." Numerous maps and photographs-including portraits of the winemakers profiled-and a full list of vintages round out this entertaining addition to its field.
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

It's French, it's sparkling, it's not Champagne

  Jon Bonné   MSNBC   16 Dec 2004

Wine vs. Health war rages in France

  Oliver Styles   Decanter   24 Nov 2004

Figaro publishes 20 ideas to save French wine

  Oliver Styles   Decanter   17 Nov 2004

Ex-Yquem chief halts distribution of Bordeaux book

  Adam Lechmere   Decanter   11 Aug 2004

An explosive new book on Bordeaux has been pulled from the shelves after a lawsuit from the former head of Chateau d’Yquem halted distribution.

Count Alexandre de Lur Saluces, who in May this year was compulsorily retired by LVMH, the owners of the illustrious Sauternes chateau, last week issued a lawsuit against the author and publishers of Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution to stop distribution of the book in France.

France: white paper divides nation

  Oliver Styles   Decanter   3 Aug 2004

Efforts intensify to stem crisis as France faces bumper crop

  Rupert Joy   Decanter   22 Jul 2004

Robert Parker attacks French wine producers

  Jack Martin   Decanter   22 Jun 2004

Robert Parker yesterday criticised French wine producers for the way they package and promote their product.

TV documentary highlights French wine crisis


Oliver Styles




12 May 2004


French deputies propose change in wine law


Oliver Styles




16 Apr 2004

Left and Right-wing ministers have asked the French government to consider removing wine from certain clauses in the strict Evin law.

Leaked document fuels French wine debate


Oliver Styles




10 Mar 2004


Is 'no' the only future for wine in France?


Oliver Styles




26 Feb 2004


'Vine police' to patrol French vineyards


Oliver Styles




3 Feb 2004


Burgundy ads banned for sexual innuendo


Florence Kennel




23 Jan 2004


Cork not always taint culprit, scientists find


Frances Robinson




20 Jan 2004


French government may finally bite wine tax bullet


Frances Robinson




13 Jan 2004


Champagne will be too hot for Champagne, research warns


Frances Robinson




12 Jan 2004


Drink-driving ok, French wine industry decides


Adam Lechmere




19 Nov 2003

Drinking ‘two or three’ glasses of wine is fine, the French wine industry is telling drivers – in direct opposition to a government campaign to reduce drinking and driving.

Cepage de France 'no go'


Adam Lechmere




20 Oct 2003

A major new initiative which would have allowed French wine producers to step outside the appellation system has been described as a 'no go' area.

How To Pronounce French, German, and Italian Wine Names

Using the proven Bellucci MethodTM, with (Quietics)TM, readers learn the proper phonetic pronunciation of more than 15,000 wine names, terms, regions, and grape varieties in five different languages- French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. With the help of professional language teachers trained in the BellucciMethodTM, mastering the difficult phonetics of the French Nasal n, the German umlaut, and the Spanish rolling r has never been easier.

Both casual wine drinkers and more serious wine connoisseurs often stumble over the correct pronunciation of various international wine names. Now, even the most linguistically-challenged person can quickly and painlessly reference the proper wine pronunciation without having to learn international languages, and can concentrate on any curriculum or conversation at hand.

Accusations Rise From Wine Cellars of Bordeaux

  Craig S. Smith   New York Times   10 Aug 2003

Chirac's gift to Blair sparks debate

  Josie Butchart   Decanter   7 May 2003

Decanter contributor Michael Broadbent gives the gift of wine – six bottles of 1989 Mouton-Rothschild – the top rating of five stars. He describes its 'wonderful mouth-filling fruit, with fantastic bouquet and flavour' and says 1989 was 'unquestionably a great vintage and one which brought the decade to a resounding close'.

Strained Relations, and Spilled Merlot

Andrew Jacobs New York Times 7 Mar 2003

Revisiting The French Paradox

Peter Kupfer Wine Enthusiast Feb 2003

A Stroll Through the '21' List. Circa 1945

Frank J. Prial New York Times 15 Jan 2003

Why France Still Matters

Kermit Lynch Food & Wine Oct 1998

French Wines : The Essential Guide to the Wines and Wine Growing Regions of France

Bordeaux : The 90 Greatest Wines (Grandeur Nature Collection)

Côte d'Or : A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy Wine & War : The French, the Nazis & the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure

The Botanist and the Vintner : How Wine Was Saved for the World






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