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Regions of France


If has a raison d'être, it is to deepen your appreciation of the best restaurants in France.  Indeed, outstanding restaurants are located throughout all of France, not just in Paris.  For the following regions*, we invite you to check out the links provided:

Alsace    Auvergne    Bordeaux    Brittany    Burgundy   Champagne-Ardenne    Corsica    Côte d'Azur    Franche-Comté    Ile-de-France   Languedoc    Loire Valley    Nord    Normandy   Pays Basque and Midi-Pyrénées    Périgord and Quercy (the Dordogne)    Picardy    Poitou Charentes    Provence   Rhône Valley    Savoie

Online Restaurant Resources


Restaurants in France


Unsure of the region where the legendary restaurant in France you wish to visit is located?  If you know the restaurant name, this resource will take you directly to the specific restaurant page where you'll find

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  • Links to official restaurant websites

  • What do the critics say?



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