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Restaurants in Paris

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Paris Restaurants Known and Loved

Reviews and contact information for many of the best known Paris restaurants.

  • Addresses, phone & fax numbers

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  • What do the critics say?

Online Paris Restaurant Guides
Did you know that many of the best and most popular Paris restaurant guides are available online?  Lists of  family-friendly restaurants, smoke-free restaurants, and kosher restaurants are also included.

Articles about dining in Paris
We regularly come across interesting and informative (and on occasion, unusual) articles about Paris restaurants and cuisine.  Read and enjoy!

A Croissant Tour of Paris

Where are the best croissants in Paris? Adam of A LIFE WORTH EATING shows you where to go to find them!


In Vino Veritas

Oenophile Jojo Madrid dines out in Paris and finds the wines wanting. Here's an honest assessment.


A Conversation with Alec Lobrano, the author of HUNGRY FOR Paris
Alec Lobrano is the European Correspondent for Gourmet Magazine and has been a Paris resident for over twenty years.  Terrance Gelenter has been reading his work almost from the beginning, including his brand new HUNGRY FOR PARIS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE CITY¡¯S BEST 102 RESTAURANTS.


Review of the Pudlo Paris Guide

It's here: the first-ever English language edition of Gilles Pudlowski's voluminous-yet-handy guide to 1,000 Paris restaurants, 300 wine bars, tea shops, cafes and several hundred gourmet groceries.

The Parisian Caf¨¦: A Literary Companion

Oliver Martin Gambier - Saint-Germain des Pres - Paris

Saint-Germain des Pres - Paris
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The Tour D'Argent Pressed Duck
Learn about the history of the world-famous pressed duck served at this historic Paris restaurant.

L'Ambroisie in Paris receives a visit from The Wandering Epicures

"This meal should have made us feel that we had found perfection. It had all the elements I like. The dishes did not suffer from the over-complexity that I frequently complain about. The ingredients were superb and allowed to shine. The service and ambience were impeccable. The noise level was ideal, just the gentle babble of conversation from the four other well-spaced tables in the room. But we came away feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. The obvious explanation is that with L¡¯Ambroisie¡®s reputation and extraordinarily high prices, each dish of the meal should be extraordinary. That they were not was certainly was a big factor, but, beyond that, the cuisine seemed to lack joie de vivre in its perfection."


Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in Paris - the A Life Worth Eating review

"This was a complete roller-coaster ride and it wasn¡¯t exactly fun. Some of the dips were just too steep and the rest was kind of flat. Two or three courses were absolutely exceptional, but this was no where close to compensate for the lows. This sentiment has been pretty consistent among my visits. So why do I keep going back? In the back of my mind there is the hope that the slot machine will stop in my favor, that this could potentially be the highlight meal of my life. I just haven¡¯t won yet. Maybe if I roll the dice one more time I¡¯ll win."


The Wandering Epicures April 2010 visit to Le Bristol restaurant in Paris

"The meal lived up to its three-star rating and price. It did not have the panache of Pierre Gagnaire, but had some imaginative touches to liven up the basically classic French foundation of the cuisine. We are happy we went."


Francis Bown enjoys one of the best lunches ever at Le Grand V¨¦four

"Meals can be memorable for many reasons. They can mark life¡¯s greatest moments, of both joy and sadness. Meetings and partings can take place over them. They can be times of love and times of anger. Yet seldom do they remain in our minds because of that coincidence for which every gourmet seeks ¨C when exquisite food, ravishing wine, beautiful surroundings and solicitous service come together to create a moment which reveals perfection. Such occasions are rare, indeed. But they do occur, and then the memory turns the key in the lock and opens the door marked ¡®Never To Be Forgotten¡¯. Allow me to tell you about my lunch at Le Grand V¨¦four."


Food Snob enjoys a delicious early Sunday lunch at L'Ami Louis

"The cuisine here is easily described: excellent, often humble, ingredients cooked consummately and served generously."


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