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Cheeses of France

French Cheese

Source: The French Food and Cook

Need help making up a cheese board?  Look no further.

Cheese 101

Source: The Reluctant Gourmet

Don't know much about cheese, French or otherwise?  Here's a beginner's introduction to some of the world's best-known cheeses.


Author Source Date

Side Tracked by Cheese

Kirk A. Woodyard Bonjour Paris 7 April 2008

"Several miles of geese and walnuts later, a foot-long homemade ¡°Fromagerie Fermier¡± sign points right. It seems a more promising detour than the mass production cheese factory, and since we don¡¯t have to be in Creysse at any particular time, down the narrow paved road we go."

White Noise

Florence Fabricant New York Times 9 Dec 2007

¡°Do you have any white wines by the glass?¡± I asked, and ordered a Château Trians, a Coteaux Varois, from the region. Christine Salsedo seemed somewhat surprised. ¡°Most of the time people drink red with cheese,¡± she said. ¡°We¡¯re French, so we definitely prefer red.¡±

Fromage homage

Fran Golden NY Daily News 9 Jul 2007

The French can talk about cheese until the cows come home. If you doubt that, take a tour in the Franche-Comt¨¦ region with local farmer Jean-Francois Marmier, who goes by the nickname Taz. "We need hours, days, months, years to talk about Comt¨¦" cheese, Taz said passionately.

If Rules Change, Will Camembert
 Stay the Same?

Elaine Sciolino New York Times 20 Jun 2007

François Durand is an icon in Camembert country. He claims to be the last dairy farmer in Normandy to be commercially making Camembert from hand-ladled unpasteurized milk.

Eat cheese-lose weight

Reuters 4 Jan 2007

A salesperson replenishes stocks of French cheese "Mimolette" at Tokyo's Takashimaya department store September 3, 2005. The health-conscious often shun whole milk but a new study suggests that adults who favor full-fat dairy gain less weight over time.


Wine and cheese incompatible, says research

Oliver Styles 19 Jan 2006

To some, it will be like saying Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were out of step. But new research has revealed that cheese and wine do not make the perfect pair.

Four Courses and Counting in the P¨¦rigord Noir

Barbara Pasquet James Bonjour Paris 25 Aug 2004

While the French like to say that la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid (revenge is a dish best eaten cold¡­), cab¨¦cou, as I found out on a recent trip to the P¨¦rigord Noir, is a cheese best eaten hot.

Say Fromage: An Expat's Love Affair with French Cheese

Adrian Leeds Parler Paris 2003

Beginner's Guide to French Cheeses

Nicole Dupleix Bonjour Paris 7 Jan 2003

The Ripe Stuff

Melissa Clark Travel & Leisure May 2002

From Roquefort to Reblochon: experts divulge their favorite cheese sources in Europe.

Goat Cheese

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 7 Dec 2001

Confessions of a Cheese Smuggler

David Lansing National Geographic Traveler 2001



Biarritz: Steve's Cheese Discovery

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 22 Jul 2000

Le Vrai Camembert

Taras Grescoe Saveur May 2000

Cheese Spotting: Normandy's Delectable Cheese Route

Barbara Pasquet James Bonjour Paris


Favorite Cheeses from Savoie

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 11 Dec 1999

Cheeses: France's Franche-Comt¨¦ Region

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 16 Oct 1999

The Nose Knows

Susan Herrmann Loomis 12 Oct 1999

"The cheese smelled so strong that I hung it outside in a plastic bag, from the limb of our hazelnut tree. I'd found it in the market in Dives-sur-Mer, a delightful little town on the Normandy coast."

French Gaperon

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 10 Jul 1999

Cheese from Auvergne

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 5 Jun 1999

Stinky Cheeses

Steve Jenkins Splendid Table 3 Apr 1999

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