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Articles about Dining In France

We regularly come across various articles and other items of interest.  If an article is "Paris only", it is listed here.  Articles about a specific region of France can be accessed by clicking on one of the following:

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French Chefs team up to save Gallic Gastronomy

  John Irish   Reuters   1 Feb 2011

Worried that France's global gastronomic influence may be on the wane, 15 of its top Michelin-starred chefs are cooking up a plan to put it back on the menu and enlist the help of the state to promote it.

French Caviar: Gray Gold

  Agn豕s Lasc豕ve   France Today   6 Jan 2010

The Chocolate Rebel

  Lennox Morrison   Wall Street Journal   18 Dec 2009

When chocolate first arrived in France around 1615, the "food of the gods" from Amazonian rain forests was declared by royal decree to be too good for plebeians and strictly for aristocrats only. Today, the fruits of the cacao tree are available regardless of genealogy.

Top chef accuses media of ignoring French innovation

      The Independent (UK)   27 Oct 2009

Alain Ducasse, the famous chef behind some of the world's top French restaurants, on Monday accused media of falsely peddling the perception that French cuisine has been left behind by other, newer offerings.

France will do (almost) anything for your tourism dollars

  Karen Fawcett   TRIPSO   July 2009

France Whacks Food Tax

  Susana Ferreira   Wall Street Journal   2 Jul 2009

The French government's decision to slash the value-added tax, a levy similar to sales taxes in the U.S, to 5.5% from 19.6% in French restaurants starting Wednesday is aimed at helping one of the country's biggest industries, which has suffered amid the economic slump.

Another Top Chef Turns in His Michelin Stars

  Basil Katz   New York Times   18 Nov 2008

Olivier Roellinger, 53, announced this fall that he is turning in his three Michelin stars and will soon close the Maisons de Bricourt, his restaurant in the small Brittany port of Cancale.

Renowned French chef Guy Savoy to open signature restaurant at The Tiger Woods Dubai

    AME Info   19 Aug 2008

Michelin man: How Joël Robuchon became the world's most starred chef

  Joe Warwick   The Independent (UK)   1 Jun 2008

Paul Haeberlin, 3-Star Cfef, Dies at 84

  William Grimes   New York Times   13 May 2008

Postcards from a good life in France: "We'll Always Have Paris ... and Provence"

  Alan Riding   International Herald Tribune   6 May 2008

For close to three decades, Patricia and Walter Wells have been fixtures of the American expat scene in Paris, Patricia as an acclaimed expert in French cooking and restaurant reviewer for the International Herald Tribune, Walter as a senior editor at this newspaper, finally retiring as its executive editor in 2005.

Seafood virtuoso joins Michelin three-star club

    AFP   3 Mar 2008

Taillevent's Vrinat Epitomized Culinary Class: An Appreciation

  John Mariani   Bloomberg   9 Jan 2008

Jean-Claude Vrinat, Owner of Famed Paris Restaurant, Is Dead at 71

  Frank J. Prial   New York Times   9 Jan 2008

Joël Robuchon Overtakes Ducasse, Ramsay as Michelin's Star Chef

  Richard Vines   Bloomberg   19 Nov 2007

Happy marriages in the south of France

  Nick Lander   Financial Times (UK)   8 Sep 2007

Nick enjoys three restaurants in the south of France run by husband and wife teams.

Hollywood rodent cooks up a storm

  Charles Bremmer   The Times (UK)   18 Aug 2007

After years of discord, the French might have taken offence at an American yarn about rats in a Paris restaurant. Instead, the country has fallen madly in love with Ratatouille, a Hollywood story about a rat with culinary talent. The new 3-D animation from Disney*s Pixar studios has topped the French box office in the two weeks since it scored the biggest opening day for an animated film in France.

Leading Chef warns of culinary apocalypse

  Matthew Campbell   3 Jun 2007

It might not make it on to the agenda of the G8 summit, but a mixture of environmental degradation, economic success and spreading gourmandise has produced so much competition for the best products that they may soon run out, warns Pierre Gagnaire, one of the pioneers of modern, experimental cooking.

Rare delicacies 'eaten to extinction'

  Richard Spencer   24 May 2007

Expensive restaurants are now so popular that they are driving certain animals and fish to the verge of extinction, according to one of the world's leading Chefs. Pierre Gagnaire, whose Michelin three-star restaurant in Paris regularly wins plaudits as one of the world's best, said that there were now too many restaurants like his own, ploughing their way through large quantities of certain raw materials considered as delicacies.

Eating Ethnic in France

  John Talbott   Bonjour Paris   May 2007

Chef Ducasse Cooks Gold Fish, Eats Grains, Likes Michelin Stars

  Le-Min Lim   Bloomberg   27 Apr 2007

Michelin women

  Euan Ferguson   The Observer (UK)   25 Mar 2007

The foodie world's latest three-star Chef, Anne-Sophie Pic, joins a very exclusive all-women's club ... She's the first female three-star Michelin Chef in France for over 50 years. She talks to Euan Ferguson about living up to the illustrious family legacy and why women Chefs = quieter kitchens.

New Michelin guide sees first three-star woman Chef for 50 years

  Sophie Montagne   21 Feb 2007

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic has become the first woman in 50 years to win three Michelin stars.

Celebrating the Ringmaster of the Restaurant Circus

  Florence Fabricant   New York Times   14 Feb 2007

In another time, acrobats and go-go dancers would probably not have entertained a Chef at his 80th birthday party. The food would not have been prepared by Chefs from Japan, Australia, Norway and Spain 〞 as well as France. A Chef*s birthday would not have been an occasion for anything like the three days of hoopla this past weekend in Monte Carlo. But if the sedate world of fine dining has become a circus, no Chef has a better claim to the title of ringmaster than the guest of honor, Paul Bocuse.

Chefs in Bangkok create $25,000 dinner

      Associated Press   10 Feb 2007

Antoine Westermann of Le Buerehiesel, the famous restaurant in Strasbourg, France, says he plans to shave 3 1/2 ounces of P谷rigord truffles 〞 worth about $350 〞 onto each plate. ※For $25,000, what do you expect?§ he said. Westermann is one of six three-star Michelin Chefs 〞 four from France and one each from Italy and Germany 〞 commissioned to fix dinner at the Lebua luxury hotel for 40 ※Epicurean Masters of the World.§ That*s the title for the event, organized by the hotel to promote Thai tourism.

French business school appoints professor of champagne

  Alexandra Smith   Guardian Unlimited   9 Jan 2007

The man who unboiled an egg

    Guardian Unlimited   16 Dec 2006

He can measure the pressure inside a chip and has worked out how to produce 24 litres of mayonnaise from a single egg. Herv谷 This, France's most famous chemist 每 and inspiration to Heston Blumenthal 每 gives Ian Phillips the strangest cooking tips he's ever heard.

Travel is Broadening

  John Talbott   Bonjour Paris   December 2006

It is a truism that travel is broadening and travel from France to other countries brings home what*s so great about dining in the hexagon. Recently I had the opportunity to visit and eat in Greece and Seattle and I was struck by several things we take for granted when eating in France.

Inside a Critic's View On French Cuisine

  Anne-Michele Morice and Sarah Nassauer   Wall Street Journal   20 Jul 2006

A McDonald's Ally in Paris?

  John Tagliabue   New York Times   20 Jun 2006

". . .it is not surprising that even Mr. Hennequin's own family believed his career at McDonald's lacked an element of respectability, much less cachet. Haute cuisine, yes, but McDonald's? 'My grandmother thought I was selling French fries on the Boulevard Saint-Michel,' he said."

Could This Be the Most Feared Food Critic in the World?

  Elisabeth Franck-Dumas   June 2006

Le Figaro's François Simon relishes dishing out judgments that have the gastronomic elite boiling.

Anti-smoking movement gains momentum in France


Delphine Soulas


World Peace Herald


7 May 2006

Several European countries, including Ireland, Italy and Spain, have recently forbidden smoking in restaurants and bars, and many French people are calling for a complete ban on smoking in public places.

Mother of all cuisines


Bakshish Dean


The Financial Express


30 Apr 2006

The classic French cuisine makes subtle use of spices and sauces, retaining the basic flavour of the dish

French touch on a tactic for tips


Charles Bremner


The Australian


22 Apr 2006

Visitors to French caf谷s should know that if the waitress lets her hand linger on your arm, she is not encouraging your interest, only a tip.

On speaking French when dining


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris


spring 2006


Stop kidding yourselves: France still has better restaurants, says Michel Roux


David Harrison


19 Mar 2006


Bracing for a Pandemic: French diners shun poultry, even foie gras


Elizabeth Bryant


San Francisco Chronicle


12 Mar 2006


Roellinger's Breton Restaurant Makes Michelin Three-Star Grade


Alan Katz




22 Feb 2006


Take the tropics and the French. Mix well. Add...


Paul Schneider


The New York Times


8 Feb 2006

France once traded hulking Canada for the butterfly-shaped Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, and - without wishing to ruffle any flannels among the lumberjacks - in the bleak midwinter, at least, it's easy to see why it might have struck that bargain.

Oh, Oysters!


Susan Hermann Loomis


France Magazine


Winter 2005-06


French Chef of the year Thierry Marx hits the streets in Asia


Mark McCord


The China Post


17 Jan 2006

He's among an elite coterie of Chefs who command the sort of respect usually accorded royalty, but when Thierry Marx comes to Hong Kong there's only one place you'll find him searching for a meal. "I hit the street as soon as I come here," says an excited Marx. "There is nothing like street food, especially in Asia. It is so very important to the development of different cuisines -- I get so much inspiration from the street." For Marx, named 2005 Chef of the year by gastronomic bible Gault Millau, there is no such thing as "slumming it" when it comes to food.

Paying the Price for Art You Can Eat


Lydia Itoi


Time Magazine


15 Jan 2006

Haute cuisine is stupidly expensive, but some meals are masterpieces.

Eating Fajitas in the Land of Snails


Jim Benning


World Hum


19 Dec 2005


Chirac to push for reduction in VAT on restaurant meals at EU summit


Finfacts team


7 Dec 2005


Haute cuisine? More like boil in the bag


Kim Willsher


27 Nov 2005


French Chef fined for olive oil scam


21 Oct 2005


Top French Chefs who trade in Michelin stars for bistro ambience



Agence France-Presse


19 Sep 2005

"There is no shortage of great Chefs in France, but major shifts in the food scene here are few and far between. Nouvelle Cuisine lost its momentum about the same time "Miami Vice" went into reruns and, more recently, Spain has stolen more than a little haute cuisine thunder thanks to the culinary wizardry of experimentalist Ferran Adria."

The oyster route, for a taste
of the sea


Patricia Wells


International Herald Tribune


9 Sep 2005

"As I passed a display of espadrilles in the local supermarket, reading the sign that said "Mettez-Vous en Vacances!" I laughed out loud. 'Put Yourself on Vacation,' of course! Only the French would come up with an idea like that."

C'est la vie: The French have learned the art of living. And we have much to learn


David Sornberger


Ottawa Citizen


27 Aug 2005

"At the risk of trivializing international relations, I've come to the conclusion that the French are just like you and me. Except for how they live."

The Way We Eat: Bleu-Plate Special

  Amanda Hesser   New York Times   24 Jul 2005

"There is a culinary tussle under way in France. Old-guard Chefs, whose restaurants were once seen as temples, are being challenged by new-guard diners, who would like to do away with Michelin stars, polished silver and the amuse-bouche. As you might expect in a country that debates everything from the meaning of work to the merits of a president who practically lives with his mistress, the standoff has become a popular topic."

Totally organic, partly satisfying

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   8 Jul 2005

"As we were driving home from a recent lunch at La Chassagnette - the only totally organic, Michelin-starred restaurant in France - my companion exclaimed: 'That meal would have been intolerable if the food hadn't been so interesting.'"

Michelin director defends its system

  Dominique Ageorges   Agence France-Presse   23 Jun 2005

French cuisine is out of this world...

      IOL (South Africa)   13 Jun 2005

"French cooking is truly out of this world, and to prove it some of France's top Chefs have created 11 dishes for future astronauts, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Monday in Paris."

A three star Chef astounds with a 'non' of his own

  Roger Cohen   International Herald Tribune   8 Jun 2005

"The French daily Le Figaro compared the event to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was not referring to the French rejection of a European constitution. No, it was alluding to another rejection, that of the coveted three-star status in the Michelin guide by the French Chef Alain Senderens."

French Chefs lose bid to cut meal taxes

  Associated Press   MSNBC   7 Jun 2005

Probing the tragic end of a star French Chef

  Lylah M. Alphonse   The Boston Globe   30 May 2005

Pressure forces top French Chef to hand in his stars

  Jon Henley   The Guardian (UK)   21 May 2005

Frenchman combs the globe for edible greens

  Annick Chapoy   IOL (South Africa)   25 Mar 2005

Bon Appetit: the glories of French cuisine

  Tim Czerwienski   The Heights   17 Mar 2005

"I came back from France with an empty wallet, and not much else. . . .Where did all my money go?  You know the answer. Food, of course. Even though I came back with almost nothing but photographs, it was worth every euro. Why? French food is, to put it simply, c'est magnifique."

Top French Chef makes a meal of Michelin guide   4 Mar 2005

"France's 'Chef of the century' Joël Robuchon has heaped scorn on the famed Michelin restaurant guide after a series of gaffes, accusing the 2005 edition of Europe's food bible of losing its way."

Ducasse taps new generation of French Chefs

      International Herald Tribune   4 Mar 2005

Michelin unveils its French food stars for 2005   23 Feb 2005

Pardonnez-Moi? French women do too get fat

  Kate Taylor   23 Feb 2005

Slate on why the bestselling diet book may be just plain wrong.

French cuisine: More than toast and fries

  Mark Vogel   The Leader Online   5 Jan 2005

"What comes to mind when you think of French cuisine? Lavish food? Cream and butter? Red wine? Pastry? Big price tag?"

Eat, Memory: Michelin Man

  James Salter   The New York Times   2 Jan 2005

French Haute Cuisine, Dead or Alive?  Reflections from L'Ambroisie and Le Cinq   13 Dec 2004

Fans of absinthe party like it's 1899

  Doreen Carvajal   International Herald Tribune   27 Nov 2004

A Master Class

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   5 Nov 2004

"The purpose of the lunch was to say farewell to the Michelin Guide*s director, Derek Brown of Britain, 60, and to usher in his successor, Jean-Luc Naret, 42, of France. It was a very nice reason for a party."

Corsica, the Gourmet Island

  Alexander Lobrano   FRANCE Magazine   summer 2004

Where's the Boeuf?

  David Downie   DEPARTURES   May 2004

Grazing on dandelion and clover in Burgundy, Charolais are considered some of the choicest beef cattle in the world. David Downie travels to rural France to find out why everyone from breeders to Chefs is following the herd.

Drink-driving ok, French wine industry decides

  Adam Lechmere   Decanter   19 Nov 2003

Drinking &two or three* glasses of wine is fine, the French wine industry is telling drivers 每 in direct opposition to a government campaign to reduce drinking and driving.

Revolting French Farmers

  Marc Burleigh   Oct 2003


French farmers may be the main beneficiaries European CAP subsidies 每 but some of them want a system fairer to farmers in the developing world.

A Restaurant in Mourning Keeps Its Sights on Its Stars

  Steven Greenhouse   New York Times   10 Sep 2003

Relais Gourmands: thirty years of delicious success

  Alix Maupin   Label France   21 Jul 2003

Chirac's gift to Blair sparks debate

  Josie Butchart   Decanter   7 May 2003

Decanter contributor Michael Broadbent gives the gift of wine 每 six bottles of 1989 Mouton-Rothschild 每 the top rating of five stars. He describes its 'wonderful mouth-filling fruit, with fantastic bouquet and flavour' and says 1989 was 'unquestionably a great vintage and one which brought the decade to a resounding close'.

French Caviar Is Finding Its Place at the Table

  Elaine Sciolino   New York Times   4 May 2003

Route de la Cuisine: 3 French Chefs

  Arthur Lubow   4 May 2003

"Deep in the heart of the country, three creative pioneers are remastering the art of French cooking. Arthur Lubow makes a pilgrimage to where the wild things are."

Anyone for a Cognac and a Cola?

  Panos Kakaviatos   May 2003

". . .French wine exporters are accustomed to hearing about unholy cocktails that give new meaning to the term "abuse of alcohol" 〞 vodka and red wine in Korea, cola and red wine in Spain and Asia, cognac and port in Britain."

Seasoning the restaurants of Paris

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   25 Apr 2003

The influence of Asian cuisine is strong on most great Chefs of France.


  Jonathan Reynolds   New York Times   30 Mar 2003

"The Guide Rouge is still the most popular restaurant guide in France, selling approximately 600,000 copies annually. Doesn't that mean it's the best guide in the country?"

Marc of Genius

  Matthew Fort   The Guardian (UK)   26 Feb 2003

With maximum scores from two of France's key guides, he may well be the best Chef in the world. But do customers actually enjoy eating at Marc Veyrat's restaurants, asks Matthew Fort.

Michelin's Briton Keeps France's Cuisine Haute

  Frank J. Prial   New York Times   15 Feb 2003

Profile and interview with Derek Brown, Englishman who is first non-Frenchman to head Michelin guides to hotels and restaurants in Michelen publications' 103-year history.

French Chefs insist gluttony is no sin

  Liz Hughes (and agencies)   23 Jan 2003

A petition to have gluttony removed from the list of seven deadly sins has been drawn up by a group of French Chefs, writers and celebrities 每 and they want Pope John Paul ll's approval.


French use genetic coding tools to root out truffle fraud

Barry James

International Herald Tribune

11 Jan 2003

Cognac producers may have to return state funding

Liz Hughes 23 Dec 2002

Foie Gras in the Freezer? Just Don't Tell Anyone!

Elaine Sciolino New York Times 19 Dec 2002

France#it's the cheesiest!

Linda Mathieu Bonjour Paris Nov 2002


Bless Butter, Cream and Simple French Fare

Nigella Lawson New York Times 16 Oct 2002


Master Chefs feed GM foods rebellion

Paul Webster Guardian Unlimited 13 Oct 2002


The Franco-American Butter Wars

David Leite Pastry Art & Design August 2002



In France, olive oils press on to perfection

Patricia Wells

International Herald Tribune

19 July 2002

The Michelin Star Shuffle for 2002

Patricia Wells New York Times 3 Mar 2002

Fine dining and feisty females

Francis Bown 7 Jan 2002

Pât谷 Today

Michele Anna Jordan Wine Enthusiast Dec 2001

La Vendage

John McWhorter The Savvy Traveler 16 Nov 2001


In many parts of the French countryside, the highlight of the fall season is the "vendage", the grape harvest.

Men and French Food

Don Andrews Bonjour Paris Oct 2001

With A B C's of Palate, France Raises Epicures

Suzanne Daley New York Times 27 Oct 2001

19 Restaurants That Define France

Christopher Petkanas Travel & Leisure Sept 2001

Oo-la-la! Rethinking Lunch in France

(a letter to Rudy Maxa) The Savvy Traveler 1 Feb 2001

Butter With a Pedigree. Ah, the French.

Dorie Greenspan New York Times 17 Jan 2001

About the superb high-fat butter made in France.

Julia Child Receives Highest French Honor

  News from France 18 Dec 2000

After 40 years spent inspiring the United States with the art of fine French cuisine, American cook Julia Child was awarded the L谷gion d'Honneur, France's highest honor.

Do-It-Yourself Ducasse

Peter Kaminsky Food & Wine Dec 2000

A journalist and his family prepare a Ducassian dinner for a very special guest: Alain Ducasse!

Dining in France does not have to cost a fortune

Randall H. Harbor 1 Nov 2000

The 25 Dishes That Define France...

Christopher Petkanas Travel & Leisure Nov 2000

Breakfast for Dinner

Susan Hermann Loomis Epicurious 18 Feb 2000

" . . . no self-respecting French person would ever eat soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast."

Travel and Fitness

Patricia Wells At Home With Patricia Wells 2000

Chat transcript: Patricia Wells on French cuisine

Patricia Wells 20 July 1999

Fanfare for the common French food: Vive Bastille Day!

Wendy Wolfenbarger 13 July 1999

Wild France

George Semler Saveur Apr 1999

Corsican food gets its unmistakable character from the sprawling scrub called the maquis.

Whither the Grande Table?  Reviewing Europe's Three-star Restaurants

Anya von Bremze Travel & Leisure May 1999

A visit to Troisgros and Alain Ducasse (France), as well as L'Hôtel de Ville (Switzerland) and Comme Chez Soi (Belgium) to see how they're changing with the times.

Foie Gras in France

Kate Heyhoe 1999

French Restaurant Rules

Christopher Petkanas Travel & Leisure Oct 1998

French laws protect restaurant patrons.

Bells and Fishes

Susan Hermann Loomis 10 Apr 1998

Fish and bells? Yes, both are inextricably part of French Easter, and pastry shops make the most of them.

Dining Alone In France

Laura Schattschneider H2SO4 1998

Read what happens when an attractive young woman does something that is "just not done".

Cerebral Cooking

Susan Hermann Loomis 9 Dec 1997

In France, to receive a brain is a rare gift indeed and I was given two within the past seven days.

How Good is Cognac?

Paul Lukacs Saveur Nov 1997

At its best, it*s the greatest brandy in the world, but when it*s too young . . .

Paris Authentique

Colman Andrews Saveur May 1996

Claude devoured life and ate big lunches每and he knew where to dine and At its best, it*s the greatest brandy in the world, but why?

France : Vive La Revolution

Claire & Monty Montgomery  

What to the French eat on Bastille Day?

The Black Truffle

Catherine Thevenin Strat's Place

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