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The Paris Dining Scene

Articles about Dining in Paris









The Liberation of Paris


Alexandra Marshall

New York Times

21 Mar 2013

A vibrant group of young, adventurous and international chefs are breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the city’s age-old Michelin-guarded culinary scene.

Four Paris Restaurants Worth a Metro Ride


Mark Bittman

New York Times

1 Apr 2011

“ . . . as restaurants in the wealthy and most tourist-laden neighborhoods of Paris have become more crowded and expensive, the areas where one can find a great meal have expanded.“

In Paris, Two Family Affaires


Florence Fabricant

New York Times

26 Jan 2010

“In taking La Tour D'Argent and Taillevent, Terrail and Vrinat are faced with the same sorts of problems — how to keep them going without compromising,” said André Daguin, president of the French hotel and restaurant association. “But they are going in opposite directions. Terrail is trying some new things and Vrinat is sticking with tradition.“

Raise a glass to Paris's restaurant revolution


John Brunton

The Guardian (UK)

10 Jan 2010

A new generation of bars and restaurants are making the wines even more important than the food – and putting the accent on informality and value. Here's our pick of eight of the best.

Dining in Paris: Cassoulet, Veal Chop and Armagnac. Bon Appetit!


Adria Cimino


5 Jan 2010

In Paris regional cooking is alive and well—if you know where to look.

La Tour d'Argent auction raises over €1.5 million


Jane Anson

10 Dec 2009

The auction of wines from celebrated Parisian restaurant La Tour d'Argent made €1,542,717.

Inside Paris wine shops, a casual revolution


Robert V. Camuto

Washington Post

15 Nov 2009


A Croissant Tour of Paris



A Life Worth Eating

25 Oct 2009


The Perfect Paris Bistro


John Talbott

Bonjour Paris

8 Oct 2009


Paris's secret vineyard


Margaret Kemp

The Guardian (UK)

3 Oct 2009


A 'French Chef' Whose Appeal Doesn't Translate


Maïa de la Baume

New York Times

16 Sep 2009

Julia Child may have been America’s best-known “French chef,” but here in Paris few know her fabled cookbooks, let alone her name.

Paris Foodie Favorites


David Lebovitz

Forbes Traveler

30 Jun 2009

The legendary French aversion to modernization is a welcome relief for gastronomes who touch down in Paris looking for comfort in the familiar classics. And in spite of some errant behavior by some of the trendier chefs—such as bacon foams and jellified cumin (and that's just for dessert!)—you can rest assured solid French cooking is still thriving in Paris.

Official in hot water over $30,000 cooking class





13 Jan 2009

Singapore man took family to Paris, wrote about it for local newspaper.

Zagat rates Paris ~ restaurants, bistros and cafes


Zagat Survey



6 Aug 2008

Taillevent extends reign for top food and popularity; The Four Seasons' Le Cinq wins top décor and service honors; by 83% to 17% margin Parisians support smoking ban.

In Paris, gastro bistro turns tables on luxe sup


Howard Seftel


The Arizona Republic

2 Jul 2008


All Is Well at Taillevent


Patricia Wells


At Home With Patricia Wells

spring 2008

Mr. Vrinat’s presence is certainly missed, but returning there recently – both to pay our respects and to celebrate one of those “passages” birthdays – we found that nothing else had disappeared. While his daughter, Valérie Vrinat d’Indy, is now in charge of the business, she will not have a presence in the restaurant. That role will continue to be filled admirably by Jean-Marie Ancher, Taillevent’s long-time maître d’hôtel.

No English Spoken


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

7 Apr 2008

"Where can I eat where no other customers speak English but the waitperson(s) will still understand my Franglais?”

Paris pawn shops to accept wine


Jane Anson

25 Mar 2008


Grand Véfour restaurant in Paris loses third Michelin star



Associated Press

3 Mar 2008


Taillevent's Vrinat Epitomized Culinary Class: An Appreciation


John Mariani



9 Jan 2008


Jean-Claude Vrinat, Owner of Famed Paris Restaurant, Is Dead at 71


Frank J. Prial


New York Times

9 Jan 2008


Star chef cooks up treat for Eiffel Tower




Agence France-Presse

18 Dec 2007


Paris just got closer


Robert Ryan & David Wickers


The Sunday Times (UK)

22 Oct 2007

Eat, drink, shop, dance, culture or romance - on the eve of the new Eurostar link, we tailor-make six perfectly Parisian days out.

Bistros serving up new French revolution


Mia Stainsby


CanWest News Service

14 Oct 2007

Smaller Paris eateries thrive by offering affordable meals.

Two good restaurants in Paris


Nick Lander


Financial Times (UK)

13 Oct 2007


Learning to Cook, With Time Left to See Paris


Nancy R. Newhouse


New York Times

22 Aug 2007


Paris sizzles with informal, fun food


S. Irene Virbila


Los Angeles Times

15 Jul 2007


In Paris, Bringing Vegetables Out to Play


Mark Bittman


New York Times

6 Jun 2007

After 30 years of writing about food, of eating at the world’s best restaurants, of cooking with whomever she chooses, of teaching people who are as passionate about cooking as most professionals, Patricia Wells has become inventive in a way that few home cooks ever are. And her eclectic, sophisticated approach translates to many of her books, including Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate.

In Search of the Authentic Pint in Paris

29 May 2007

Of course there are great pubs in Dublin, Limerick and Galway, but what about Paris? We have searched out the best Irish pubs in some unlikely places because sometimes you just gotta have some pub grub and an authentic pint!

Eating Paris: a six day itinerary



Chubby Hubby

25 May 2007


Simple Good Honest Food


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

23 May 2007

Simple good honest food, isn’t this what we’re always looking for, no more, no less. Oh sure, we all like to do the occasional Gagnaire, Ducasse, Robuchon, etc., number, but day in and day out, we’re looking for simple good honest food.

Eating in Groups


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

3 May 2007

A recent meal at Daniel Rose’s Spring reminded me that one of the most frequent questions I field has to do with where 6-7 or 10-12 or 25 or whatever can eat to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or other occasion.

Paris and Chocolate: A Combination Made in Heaven

5 April 2007


April in Paris


Ronald Holden


Belltown Messenger

April 2007

Ronald Holden eats lite in the City of Light

Paris Chef Barbot Champions Simplicity


Richard Vines



20 Mar 2007


Where Would I Send My Friends?


Christopher Dickey



17 Mar 2007

It would take a private detective to find Paris bureau chief Christopher Dickey’s truly favorite bistros, and you might not like them anyway. So we’ve asked him for his second favorite Parisian restaurants (which are still pretty darned good).

Two Stars, Shining On


Pia Catton


New York Sun

7 Mar 2007

When the new Michelin Guide demoted the venerable Parisian restaurant Taillevent from three stars to two, the news made international headlines. After 34 years with three stars, Taillevent had become a hallowed spot that represents a certain French sensibility in dining.

Admiring Taillevent, despite its demotion


Patricia Wells


International Herald Tribune

27 Feb 2007


Taillevent Loses Third Michelin Star After 34 Years


Alan Katz



21 Feb 2007

Taillevent, the Paris restaurant that has held three Michelin stars for 34 years, lost one of the stars today, as did Le Cinq at the Four Seasons George V hotel.

Is That Tea in My Chocolate


Sally Peabody


Bonjour Paris

14 Feb 2007

Paris is justly famed for its abundance of superb chocolatiers. Surprisingly, this luminous city is not well known for its myriad options for savoring fine teas in the pot, and yes…even on one’s plate.

Paris Sails On


John Mariani


Mariani's Virtual Gourmet

4 Feb 2007


What On Earth Do Two Hearts Mean


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

31 Jan 2007

What do two hearts, stars, blocks, etc. mean in this country? During one period last year I had the opportunity of dining at twenty Parisian restaurants, all of which had received two hearts from the country’s leading gastronomic numerical food rater, Emmanuel Rubin of Figaroscope

Eating lunch on Sundays


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

28 Dec 2006

Sundays, it’s my firm belief, should be spent in the country not in Paris. Oh, it’s not as if all Paris is dead or dormant - the supermarkets are open until after noon, the open markets ‘til 2-3 and the flower shops forever. And it’s not that there are no places to eat in town – I love Petrus, l’Equitable and l’Ardoise on Sundays.

Oysters Entice and the French Are Ready to Shuck: Paris Dining


A. Craig Copetas

27 Dec 2006

Oyster Museum records indicate the French annually down some 130,000 tons of ``huitres,'' with about 60,000 of those slurped during the year-end holiday season. Nowhere are opinions on where to seek out the finest more of a contentious affair than in Paris.

What to do with an appetite in Paris


Nick Lander


Financial Times (UK)

23 Dec 2006

Our evening at the Bistrot Paul-Bert in Paris’s 11th arrondisement, not far from the Bastille, was memorable for many reasons.

Zut alors! Some restaurants in Paris have gone smokeless


Tim Hilchey and Patricia Ryan


New York Times

19 Nov 2006


How to avoid tourist traps


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris

16 Nov 2006


Paris town hall cellar to be sold


Maggie Rosen

1 Aug 2006

The Mayor of Paris is selling 4,000 bottles of wine and spirits owned by the City of Paris – many amassed during Jacques Chirac's lavish two-decade reign in the town hall.

Paris with kids


Robert V. Camuto and Anne Glusker


Washington Post

12 May 2006


Dining in Paris: New Way To Dejeuner


Jane Sigal


Wall Street Journal

29 Apr 2006

Grocery stores offering cheap gourmet meals spring up around the city.

Meeting up in Paris


Amy Scattergood


Los Angeles Times


26 April 2006

Daniel Young's 'The Bistros, Brasseries and Wine Bars of Paris' is a vicarious visit to the City of Light, filled with classic tastes and twists.

Let's Do 'Luncheon' – Revisiting the Parisian Restaurant That Inspired Renoir's Painting

  Molly Moore   Washington Post   12 April 2006

Eating in new places or golden-oldies


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris


February 2006

"A recent meal at Josephine (Chez Dumonet) forced me to consider the question of whether one should eat in new places, as yet untested by time, or in a resto of your culinary growing up-experience, or in a modern golden-oldie where you can pretty much be sure of the food."

Restaurants of the Year: In Paris, Star Chefs Take a Casual Turn


Mark Bittman


New York Times


22 Jan 2006

The trend of three-star Chefs' opening casual restaurants has spread from the United States - where the process is now taken for granted - to France, where until recently the tenet that a great Chef must remain in his restaurant has held sway.

The New Hot Quarters


John Talbott


Bonjour Paris


January 2006


In Paris, a Vintage Spot for a Wine Fix


Robert Camuto


The Washington Post


25 Dec 2005


French Chefs Offer Daring Takes on the Traditional Yule Log

      Agence France-Presse   22 Dec 2005

"Paris pastry Chefs are outdoing each other this holiday season in reinventing the most kitsch of all French desserts, the Christmas yule log cake, dressing them in ivy, marshmallows and snowflakes."

A conversation with Peter Mayle


Terrance Gelenter



Forget greed: The recipe for success is passion


Sharon Reier


International Herald Tribune


6 Aug 2005

"Business schools that want to teach innovation sometimes have to set an example themselves. Which helps explain why students at Insead, one of the oldest business schools in Europe, will soon be departing from their scrutiny of multinational corporations and using a Michelin-starred Paris restaurant as a case study in innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing."

Paris Museum Restaurants Offer Views, Funky Settings, Dull Food


Gregory Viscose


2 Aug 2005


Paris restaurant offers diners a blind date



Shanghai Star


21 Jul 2005

"Diners rub their eyes as they emerge from behind a curtain after eating at France’s only pitch black restaurant."

Who needs Michelin stars?

  Nicholas Lander   28 May 2005

Last week Alain Senderens, the cerebral, wine-loving Chef/proprietor of the art nouveau Lucas Carton restaurant in Paris said he was handing back the three Michelin stars he had held for more than 20 years. He will close the restaurant in July and reopen it in September serving simpler, less expensive fare because at the age of 65, as he concisely put it: "I want to do something different and to have some fun."

Chef upsets French gastronomy   20 May 2005

Food as fashion

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   20 May 2005

Quirky Spots the Locals Love But Don't Reveal

  Jacqueline Friedrich   New York Times   15 May 2005

My Paris is bigger than yours

  Clotilde Dusoulier   MSNBC   2 May 2005

"Clotilde Dusoulier adores food the way we adore Paris—so we invited her to share all her culinary favorites in the world’s most delectable city."

In Paris, Fine Dining on a Countertop

  Mark Bittman   New York Times   17 Apr 2005

"Can a 98-euro prix fixe meal be considered a bargain? Only when the food compares favorably - very favorably - to that served at Parisian restaurants serving similar food for up to three times as much. L'Atelier du Robuchon - opened in May 2003, by Joël Robuchon, who "retired" from cooking in 1996, while he was the most acclaimed Chef in France - cuts corners in order to keep prices relatively low."

Affordable Paris

  Jane Sigal   Food & Wine   April 2005

Eat at the grand, gilded Hôtel Meurice on a budget? Sounds impossible. But as Jane Sigal explains, there are unlikely food values all over Paris.

Paris: Romantic dining is a perfect valentine for sweethearts

  Suzy Patterson   Associated Press   24 Jan 2005

Take leave of your senses

  Elisabeth Mahoney   The Herald (UK)   20 Dec 2004

French Haute Cuisine: Dead or Alive?, Reflections from L'Ambroisie and Le Cinq

  Vedat Milor   13 Dec 2004

Fast food, French style

  Rosa Jackson   The Star Online (MY)   5 Dec 2004

The times, they are a-changing, even in uber traditional Paris where food on the go is overtaking leisurely lunches.

Postcard from Paris: We drank! We ate!

  Frank J. Prial   New York Times   1 Dec 2004

Hugo Desnoyer, butcher to the best

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   22 Oct 2004

Bistros to build a dream on

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   10 Sep 2004

Eating up Paris

  Gael Greene   Travel & Leisure   Sep 2004

"Don't let the brawny euro get in the way of a great meal. Gael Greene scours the French capital for restaurants that are high in style, substance—and savings."

Picnicking on Bastille Day

  Amanda Pilar Smith   Bonjour Paris   8 Jul 2004

A Parisian Home Chef: Rose Bakery

  Clotilde Dusoulier   Bonjour Paris   6 Jul 2004

Generous cuisine in hidden Paris

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   26 Mar 2004

Lavinia: The World's Best Wine Shop?

  Patrick Matthews   Food & Wine   March 2004

Le Valleret lights up a gray Paris corner

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   12 Mar 2004

English fizz on the list in Paris

  Adam Lechmere   Decanter   11 Feb 2004

One of France’s most eminent wine experts is serving English sparkling wine at his Paris bistro – but he has to offer it blind.

Urgent Dispatch: Paris

  Jane Sigal   Food & Wine   Feb 2004

". . . inspired by foreign flavors and dining styles, stars like Joël Robuchon and Hélène Darroze are creating a new, casual restaurant."

Michelin 2004 France guide fells stars   Feb 2004

New American Beachhead in France: Starbucks

  Ariane Bernard   New York Times   16 Jan 2004

In Paris, warm comfort to icy chic

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   2 Jan 2004



Full House at the Meurice

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   5 Dec 2003

Since Chef Yannick Alléno arrived on September 1, the Meurice Hotel's dining room has been playing to a full house at lunch and dinner.

Taillevent celebrates its stars

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   10 Oct 2003

A restaurant cheers its 30 years atop Mount Olympus.

The End of Chocolate (as a Chocolatier Knows It)

  John Tagliabue   New York Times   4 Sep 2003

How to Pig Out in Paris and Stay a Shrimp

  Adrian Leeds   Parler Paris   2003

Or How to Eat without Guilt!

The Oeuf and I: An Old Love Seems New

  Amanda Hesser   New York Times   18 Jun 2003

Out of Retirement, Into the Fire

  R. W. Apple Jr.   New York Times   21 May 2003

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon is "a restaurant "that breaks more rules than Bill Clinton".

For starred Chefs, spring brings burst of creativity

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   9 May 2003

Seasoning the restaurants of Paris

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   25 Apr 2003

"The influence of Asian cuisine is strong on most great Chefs of France."

A classic two-star in Paris

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   11 Apr 2003



Landmark Achievements: Four Paris restaurants that enrich French culture

  Alexandre Lazeroff   France Magazine   spring 2003

Ramsay's Streets

  William Sitwell   March 2003

Chef Gordon Ramsay returns to Paris, where he first honed his craft, and takes a tour of his old stamping grounds with William Sitwell.

Fine bargains at Paris tables: Two bistros that make the cut

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   14 Mar 2003

Three Meal Course

  Steven A. Saltzman       26 Feb 2003

"A short stay in Paris is the ideal opportunity to sample the finest French fare. To help you choose, Steven A. Saltzman picks three of his favourite Parisian dining spots."

Michelin's Briton Keeps France's Cuisine Haute

  Frank J. Prial   New York Times   15 Feb 2003

Corsican bistro fills a tasty niche

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   14 Feb 2003

On y va au supermarché!

  Catherine Wong   Bonjour Paris   2 Feb 2003

Taillevent stays on top

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   31 Jan 2003

A Paris bistro keeps it honest, with simplicity

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   17 Jan 2003

Bistro-hopping through winter

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   20 Dec 2002

Modern Paris Salon

  Judith Ritter   The Savvy Traveler   13 Dec 2002

Georgia native Patricia Laplante-Collins has reinvented the Paris literary salon.

Star Power: At Paris restaurants, wines take center stage

  Alexandre Lazaroff   France Magazine   Dec 2002

A Food Market for Bargain Hunters

  Katheryn Raye   Bonjour Paris   Nov 2002

Signature Pastries to Go?

  Klancy Miller   Bonjour Paris   Nov 2002

Congolese Paris

  Judith Ritter   The Savvy Traveler   15 Nov 2002

A taste of Africa in Paris.

A Conversation with Dorie Greenspan

  Terrance Gelenter   2 Nov 2002

Feast your eyes

  John Brunton   The Oberver (UK)   20 Oct 2002

". . . the brasserie one of the great culinary and social institutions of the French capital that has remained unchanged for well over 100 years."

A wine bar for all seasons: Two bars offer delicious sanctuary

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   11 Oct 2002

For the Love of Chocolate

  Monique Y. Wells   Bonjour Paris   Oct 2002

The Most Romantic Table in Paris

  Peter Wells   Burke & Wells   21 Sep 2002

Restaurants: Where to Go Next In Paris

  Patricia Wells   Food & Wine   Sept 2002

Outings Near Paris for Fine Meals

  Jacqueline Friedrich   New York Times   11 Aug 2002

Word of Mouth: Paris—Cabaret and Mathis Bar

  G. Y. Dryansky   Condé Nast Traveler   May 2002

Multicultural France: La Folie and Foodies at Le Cordon Bleu

  Klancy Miller   Bonjour Paris   May 2002

Waffle and a Wink, the French Way

  Dorie Greenspan   New York Times   24 April 2002

Seducing Paris, a Café at a Time

  Mallery Roberts Lane   New York Times   28 Mar 2002

An article about the chic restaurants opened by the Costes brothers.

The Michelin Star Shuffle for 2002

  Patricia Wells   New York Times   3 Mar 2002

Fusion! The French break loose

  Patricia Wells   At Home With Patricia Wells   1 Mar 2002

My Left Bank

  Alice Steinbach   Bonjour Paris   March 2002

The New Paris, Where Chefs Come Out to Play

  Regina Schrambling   New York Times   20 Feb 2002

Off-the-Beaten-Path Paris: Brunch

  Aimée Whitenack   Bonjour Paris   Feb 2002

Traveling with Kids in Paris

  Melody Walker   The Savvy Traveler   10 Apr 1999

Where All Paris Can Be Found, Indulging in the Afternoon

  Dorie Greenspan   New York Times   23 Jan 2002

Some Assembly Required

  Aimée Whitenack   Bonjour Paris   Dec 2001

You'll appreciate knowing about these "operating instructions" when ordering certain foods.

JoJo's Market? Not Yet

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   30 Nov 2001

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's new Paris restaurant is a disappointment.

Afternoon with Patricia Wells

  Gary Burke   Burke & Wells   19 Nov 2001

Undiscovered Paris: Je T'Aime

  Véronique Vienne   Travel & Leisure   1 May 2001

Paris Restaurants

  Jane Sigal   Food & Wine   24 Apr 2001

The Paris A-List

  Jane Sigal   Food & Wine   March 2001

Eat French, Speak English

  Carol Shapiro   Splendid Table   17 Feb 2001

The 25 Dishes That Define France...

  Christopher Petkanas   Travel & Leisure   Nov 2000

Thanksgiving in Paris

  R. W. Apple Jr.   Saveur   March 2000

Every year, a great French Chef serves an American holiday feast—with several twists.

The Belly of Paris

  Megan Wetherall   Saveur   March 2000

The High Art of Dining in Paris

  Anne Z. Cooke   4 Nov 1999

Who Makes the Best Pastries in Paris?

  Christopher Petkanas   Travel & Leisure   1 Nov 1999

How Great Paris Restaurants Do It

  Thomas McNamee   Saveur   May 1999

Whatever Happened to the French Bistro?

  Christopher Petkanas   Travel & Leisure   1 Jan 1999

With Paris You Get Egg Roll

  Calvin Trillin   Travel & Leisure   1 Dec 1998

Have a craving for Chinese food?  Even in Paris, it can be satisfied.

The Paris Diet

  Peggy Knickerbocker   Food & Wine   Dec 1998

On vacation in France, a food writer grows slimmer while her meringue obsession grows.

French Revolutionaries

  Jacqueline Friedrich   Food & Wine   Oct 1998

Pierre and Frédérick Hermé – two maverick Chefs in Paris – challenge tradition at a remarkable dinner for six maverick French winemakers.

Far & Away: Some Paris Chefs would like to boil Zagat in oil

  Jocelyn Noveck   Associated Press   30 July 1998

City of Light Wine

  Tim Johnston   Saveur   April 1997

Rare wines grown in a most unexpected place: Paris.

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