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The 10 Best French Restaurants in the World
Located Outside of France

Maurice Graham HenryThis is our seventh year that we have released our annual list of the 10 best French restaurants in the world located outside of France.  The restaurants selected exemplify the highest dedication to consistent excellence  excellence in the cooking, and in the service  associated with the very finest restaurants of France.  As with our previous lists, a special page has been built for each of the restaurants listed.  To access a page, simply click on a restaurant name below.  I thank the individual restaurants listed for the information and photographs they have so kindly provided.

Finally, I am pleased to again thank all those whose input and advice made the production of the 2010 list possible.  Its high quality and integrity could never have been achieved without them.

Maurice Graham Henry
August 10, 2010


Hong Kong, China ~ Vincent Thierry

Domaine de Châteauvieux

Satigny (Genève), Switzerland ~ Philippe Chevrier

The French Laundry

Yountville CA, USA ~ Thomas Keller

Timothy Hollingsworth, Chef de Cuisine

Michel Bras Toya Japon

Toya (Hokkaido), Japan ~ Michel and Sébastien Bras

Johan Thyriot, Chef Director

per se

New York NY, USA ~ Thomas Keller

Eli Kaimeh, Chef de Cuisine

Le Pont de Brent

Brent, Switzerland ~ Gérard Rabaey

Jerome Manifacier, second Chef

Robuchon au Dôme

Macau, China ~ Joël Robuchon

Francky Semblat, Executive Chef


Crissier, Switzerland ~ Philippe Rochat

Benoît Violier, Chef de Cuisine
Franck Giovannini, second Chef de Cuisine


Bergisch Gladbach, Germany ~ Joachim Wissler


Perl-Nennig, Germany ~ Christian Bau



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