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Maurice Graham Henry on French restaurants in Japan
Maurice Graham HenryThe Japanese have an admiration and appreciation for French cuisine not found in any other country except for France itself.  Is it any wonder then that Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, has emerged as the single finest French restaurant destination outside of France?  And a number of other outstanding French restaurants are found elsewhere in Japan, most notably the Michel Bras restaurant on the island of Hokkaido, rated by as one of the 10 best French restaurants in the world located outside of France for five years now.  When appreciation of French culture and cuisine is as deep as it is here, a unique environment is created where a number of the very best Chefs and restaurants in France have a level of comfort opening in Japan that is often lacking elsewhere, notably in North America (the one exception being not New York, but Las Vegas.)


Maurice Graham Henry
November 3, 2008


Here is a useful list of many of the French
restaurants to be found in Tokyo:

Tokyo French Restaurant Guide

Source: Tokyo Food Page


Best French Restaurants in Tokyo
Reviews and contact information for our recommended list of the best French restaurants in Tokyo and the island of Hokkaido:

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TOYA (on Hokkaido)

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