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Restaurants in France

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Dining in Provence

Looking for information about the restaurants and cuisine of the The Côte d'Azur?  Click here.

Provencal Gastronomy

Source: ProvenceWeb

Provence Restaurants









Happily Lost in the Luberon

  Laurie Winer   New York Times  

2 May 2009


About Provence

  Karen Fawcett   Bonjour Paris  

spring 2009


Where to go next: Provence

  Julie Mautner   Food & Wine   August 2006

A Take of Two Worlds in Provence

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune   8 Jul 2005

"A butcher shop with a restaurant and a wine cellar proves to be a wonderful discovery."

Southern France Makes Pizza Its Own

  Daniel Young   The New York Times  

23 Feb 2005


The Provence we still don't know

  Jill Crawshaw   The Times (UK)  

5 Feb 2005



Searching for Soul in Provence

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune  

30 Jul 2004



Provence, without the hype

  Patricia Wells   International Herald Tribune  

3 Jan 2003



Bouillabaisse in Marseille

  Anya Von Bremsen   Splendid Table  

7 Sep 2002


A Truffle in Spring

  Arthur Lubow   DEPARTURES  

Mar 2002

Deep in the heart of Provence, in the village of Lorgues, a force of nature named Bruno reigns over a kingdom of truffles where you can indulge in the delicacy every day of the year.

Where to Go Next: Provence

  Patricia Wells   Food & Wine  

August 2001



An Unexpected Taste of Provence

  Cathy Fiorello   Bonjour Paris  

August 2001



Interview: Provence vs. Van Nuys: The Smackdown

  Peter Mayle and Sandra Tsing Loh   The Savvy Traveler  

22 Jun 2001



Encore Provence: An Interview with Peter Mayle

  Peter Mayle   The Savvy Traveler  

30 Oct 1999



Going, Going, Gone; Perfecting the Art of the Tasty Escape

  William Grimes   New York Times  

21 Jul 1999





A Fete in Provence

  Nancy Harmon Jenkins   Food & Wine  

At their annual Gemini birthday bash, neighbors celebrate the twin pleasures of food and family.

The Essence of Provence


Doug Biederbeck




May 1998

Pastis is a strong drink with a dark past, but it illuminates the south of France and those who love it.

Provençal Contemporary


Colman Andrews




July 1997

From this ancient, fabled, sun-drenched region comes some of France’s best new cooking.

The Black Truffle

  Catherine Thevenin   Strat's Place    

Provence - Olives and Olive Oil

  Catherine Thevenin   Strat's Place    

Restaurants in Provence
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