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Restaurants in France

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Dining in Poitou Charentes

Learn about the Regional Cuisine and Wines of Poitou Charentes on the Atlantic coast.

Source: Poitou-Charentes Regional Tourist Board


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Around Cognac

  John Mariani   Mariani's Virtual Gourmet Newsletter   18 Mar 2007

Cognac is either a small city or a large town (its sister city is Deniston, Texas), for it is easy enough to walk around it in an hour or two and need not spend much more time there unless you are a wine merchant.  For the city that gives its name to one of the world's greatest brandies is distilled and bottled and shipped, with many of the ancient names--Otard, Hennessey, Courvoisier, and many others--open to visit, which is well worth your while.

Restaurants in Poitou Charentes
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