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Chef Pierre GagnaireDINING IN PARIS

Pierre Gagnaire

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19/20 16/20


Weekly closing :
Saturday and Sunday noon

Annual closing :
One week in Spring, one week at All Saint's Day, from July 14th to 31st, and at lunch in August.


Hôtel Balzac
6, rue Balzac / 75008



  +33 (0) 1 58 36 12 50


  +33 (0) 1 58 36 12 51


Chef Propriétaire:

  Pierre Gagnaire

Official Site:

  Yes  Click here


Pierre Gagnaire: Reinventing French Cuisine

Gagnaire: Sweet and Savory


Pierre Gagnaire in his Paris restaurant kitchen

"I want my restaurant to be a place that feels open, meaning dynamic, living in the present, looking to the future but respectful of the past, and never losing sight of its objective: to give pleasure through its cuisine, a generous and lively cuisine which takes risks and, as my critics say, occasionally goes overboard.  I trust that these people will forgive my over-enthusiasm!" – Pierre Gagnaire

From "Hotel Balzac's restaurant. Cuisine is masterful, desserts and wine are up to par. One of the best tables in France.  The kitchens in this establishment are directed under the iron fist of Pierre Gagnaire. This restaurant can boast that it's king of the stoves. Gagnaire's creative genius stands out, making each dish a new experience, a new discovery. Definitely well worth your time."
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