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Dining in Normandy (Normandie)

Official Normandy Tourist Board:  Gastronomy

Source: Comité Régional de Tourisme de Normandie





An American in Louviers  An Interview with Susan Loomis


Normandy Restaurants









If Rules Change, Will Camembert Stay the Same?   Elaine Sciolino   New York Times   20 Jun 2007

François Durand is an icon in Camembert country. He claims to be the last dairy farmer in Normandy to be commercially making Camembert from hand-ladled unpasteurized milk.

A generous collection of French farmhouse dishes


Susan Chang


Boston Globe


5 Oct 2005

Book Review: Cooking at Home on Rue Tatin by Susan Hermann Loomis

An Award-Winning Terrine

  Susan Herrmann Loomis   29 Jun 2001



Welcoming Back A Wood Burning Oven

  Susan Herrmann Loomis   19 May 2000



The Nose Knows

  Susan Herrmann Loomis   12 Oct 1999

"The cheese smelled so strong that I hung it outside in a plastic bag, from the limb of our hazelnut tree. I'd found it in the market in Dives-sur-Mer, a delightful little town on the Normandy coast."

Calvados: Spirit of the Apple


Michael Bateman




Sept 1994

Restaurants in Normandy (Normandie)
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