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Maurice Graham Henry on the 2009 Michelin Guide

Although no new "blockbuster" French restaurants on the scale of JoŽl Robuchon at the MGM Grand or Guy Savoy at Caesar's Palace opened in 2008, so once again the big event this year the release of the second edition of the Michelin Red Guide for Las Vegas.  Once again, JoŽl Robuchon, the gastronomic restaurant of master Chef JoŽl Robuchon, was the only restaurant awarded the coveted three stars.  Both Alex and Restaurant Guy Savoy received two stars, an exceptional achievement.  We also congratulate Le Cirque, Daniel Boulud Brasserie, and L'Atelier de JoŽl Robuchon for being recognized with a single star.

Maurice Graham Henry
November 22, 2008

JoŽl Robuchon in Las Vegas Ė the Gastroville Review
Vedat Milor and I visited JoŽl Robuchon (formerly JoŽl Robuchon at The Mansion) together the day the restaurant reopened after a short December break.  The meal was outstanding in many respectsóbut nevertheless was not as good as the meals I'd had there on previous visits. That said, the restaurant continues to be one of the best French restaurants in the United States.

Andrť Gayot at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesar's Palace
"Savoyís successful arrival puts him at the top echelon of the Las Vegas restaurant scene. Not only because he is a world celebrity, but also because he is the simplest and most open-minded man you can meet in this industry. He is a real person, not just a name."

Maurice Graham Henry at JoŽl Robuchon at The Mansion
Chef proprietor JoŽl Robuchon"...there is no question that the opening of this restaurant is nothing short of an absolute triumph.  Here, in far away Las Vegas, JoŽl Robuchon again establishes himself as the formidable 'Horowitz of the stoves', a true emperor in the realm of French gastronomy.  I also must congratulate the Executive Chef, Claude Le-Tohic who, as a holder of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, is a highly distinguished Chef in his own right.   I am also grateful that someone as gracious and skilled as Mr. LoÔc Launay oversees the front of the house, for this restaurant provides one of the world's truly extraordinary dining experiences."

JoŽl Robuchon at The Mansion: the review by Andrť Gayot
"Letís put it simply: thereís only one Robuchon in the world. An evening there is a unique, unforgettable experience worthwhile the money it will cost. Robuchon and his mentor Gamal Aziz wanted this place to reach perfection. As far as it is humanly feasible, theyíve made it. We are glad to bestow on Robuchon his first 19/20 rating in America."

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