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Maurice Graham Henry on French restaurants in Connecticut
The day was first launched in August 2001, I went to Restaurant Jean Louis for a celebration dinner.  I'm pleased to say that I have enjoyed many fine meals there since. The accolades the restaurant received in the April 1 New York Times review are indeed well deserved! I also admire the outstanding cooking of Thomas Henkelmann at the restaurant that bears his name at the Homestead Inn. Greenwich is fortunate to have not one but two world-class French restaurants.  Further North, we congratulate The Union League Cafe in New Haven on receiving the rarely-awarded "Extraordinary" rating in 2009 from The New York Times. I encourage you to try these restaurants to experience truly exceptional French cuisine outside of New York City.

Maurice Graham Henry
April 5, 2011

Best French Restaurants in Connecticut
Reviews and contact information for our recommended list of the best French restaurants in Greenwich and New Haven Connecticut:

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