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Dining in Franche-Comté


Learn about Franche-Comté Regional Gastronomy








Fromage homage

Fran Golden

NY Daily News

9 Jul 2007

The French can talk about cheese until the cows come home. If you doubt that, take a tour in the Franche-Comté region with local farmer Jean-Francois Marmier, who goes by the nickname Taz. "We need hours, days, months, years to talk about Comté" cheese, Taz said passionately.

Surprises From the Jura, Jagged in a Velvet-Smooth Universe

Eric Asimov

New York Times

2 Aug 2006

The Jura defies many expectations, nowhere more so than in its wines. The leading whites have a nutty, sherry-like aroma that many people regard as hopelessly oxidized, but they are actually tangy, complex, pure and delicious. The best reds barely have enough color to be called red. They are delicate and graceful, yet with an earthy intensity that can stand up to the smelliest of cheeses. Almost singularly among wine regions, the reds are usually served before the whites in the Jura because they are lighter in texture.

France's finest on a plate

Alice Cairns

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

4 Mar 2006

The Jura is rough and rugged country. It's definitely not somewhere you'd expect to find the best restaurant in France.

The Fantastic Franche-Comté

Bob Christman

Bonjour Paris

7 Jan 2003


Visiting the Jura

Susan Herrmann Loomis

1 Dec 2000


Cheeses: France's Franche-Comté Region

Steve Jenkins

Splendid Table

16 Oct 1999

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