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Dining in Périgord & Quercy


Where to eat in Périgord

Périgordian Gourmet Food

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Side Tracked by Cheese

  Kirk A. Woodyard   Bonjour Paris   7 Apr 2008

Southwest France: Pont de L’Ouysse, Hostellerie Plaisance, etc.

  Vedat Milor   Gastroville   16 Dec 2007

Four Courses and Counting in the Périgord Noir

  Barbara Pasquet James   Bonjour Paris   25 Aug 2004

From Haute Cuisine to Kitty Litter: Walnuts in the Périgord

  Mellon Candage   Bonjour Paris   13 May 2003

A Month in the Dordogne

  Lucian K. Truscott IV   Saveur   May 1997

An American family realizes its dream of living—and cooking—in France.


Wine from Truffle Country

  Kevin McDermott   Saveur   Nov 1996

About the noted 'black' reds of Cahors, a town on the Lot River in Quercy.

Restaurants in Périgord and Quercy
(the Dordogne)

Reviews and contact information for our recommended list of the best restaurants in the Dordogne region of France:

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