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Dining in the Auvergne

The gastronomy in Auvergne

Source:  Auvergne Comité Régional Du Tourisme

The Best of the Land: the Auvergne Table

Source:  Michelin Travel

The Auvergne region in central France is also noted for the production of fine cheese.

Régis Marcon’s love for his homeland and its food inspires every page of this beautifully presented cookbook, which powerfully conveys Marcon's dedicated and contemporary approach to his culinary roots. Marvelous Recipes from the French Heartland his passionate testament to the foods and cuisine of his native Auvergne region in France, received the nation's highest publishing honor in the field of gastronomy with its selection in 2001 to receive the Prix La Mazille, awarded annually by the Salon International du Livre Gourmand of Perigueux. The prize cited the French-language edition, La Cuisine Chez Régis Marcon, as the best French book of the year in observing and respecting the traditions and values of fine cookbook writing.

Marvelous Recipes is a remarkable work both for the breadth and richness of the recipes presented and for the intimate perspective that Marcon provides on the relationship between his cuisine, his native Auvergne, and his fellow countrymen who supply his provender. Recipes follow the natural order of the year, offering a bounty of appetizers, vegetables, fish and meat entrees and desserts suited to each of the four seasons. Marcon's cuisine relies on the elements unique to his region, including a dazzling array of mushrooms, cheeses and local herbs. Recipes born from traditional French cuisine take on a new dimension in their simplicity and modernity. He combines ingredients in a personal style that emphasizes brilliant flavors in unaccustomed and delightful ways.

Marcon places his cuisine in regional context with an extensive introductory essay describing the origins of his culinary philosophy, the local foods that define his cuisine, and the development and refining of his skills as a Chef at his acclaimed hotel-restaurant in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid. This context is further enriched by affectionate profiles of the local farmers, mushroom foragers, butchers, cheesemakers and other food purveyors whose provender fills Marcon's kitchen and shapes his menus at Auberge et Clos des Cimes. The book concludes with 28 "Basic Recipes" fundamental to Marcon's creative interpretation of regional French cuisine.

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